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Multiple Income Streams

1) Refer other affiliates and earn an affiliate commission

All affiliates pay a one-time fee of $39. The referring affiliate earns $20 for referring other affiliates who pay the one-time fee.

2) Press Releases

When entrepreneurs see the traffic they get to their site and the prestige in the eyes of prospects, they would be crazy not to order one. Cha-ching, you earn an affiliate commission!

3) Refer members to Allied Entrepreneurs

Our members need stuff, and they benefit from the buying power of other A.E. members, getting great deals and earning you an override!

4) Start an Allied Entrepreneurs POD

At Allied Entrepreneurs, we refer to business networking groups in either local areas or vertical markets as PODs . All you need to do is attract members, and you will benefit from the referred business within that group. You will also benefit whenever they spend money with A.E. or refer others who do!

5) Refer Marketing Clients

When our resident marketing master, Smiling Steve, earns a dollar from your referral, you get paid. And the more people you refer to join A.E. for free, the higher percentage you make from marketing referrals.

6) Referral Fees from Other Members

Many A.E. members pay referral fees , which is listed in their A.E. profile. This is a great way to get paid.

7) refer a Member who acquires a membership website

These can cost up to $3000. And, if they order all the bells and whistles, the affiliate commission is 10% or $300!

.. the above is a partial list of ways that you will profit as an Affiliate.

After you join, we will be letting you know many more!

Sign Up as an Affiliate

First, sign up as an affiliate and member below. Then you can promote Allied Entrepreneurs, but to receive compensation, we ask that you upgrade to a Free Forever Account with a profile picture. This is free and takes a few minutes.

Once we review your application, we will grant you temporary acceptance. As long as you complete the upgrade, you will receive your compensation.

That is it. 

Then we will set up your account, and you will be ready to notify people on any opt-in list by email (no SPAM). Or to post on social media or speak directly to entrepreneurs.

The terms and conditions of this affiliate offer are listed immediately below the application form. 

Terms and Conditions

A.E.; these are the initials of Allied Entrepreneurs and are occasionally used as an acronym or short form only and should not be considered a legal name. Where A.E. is used on this page, please read it as if it says Allied Entrepenuers.

Privacy Policy; We believe in privacy and never share or sell personal information. 

SPAM; We do not condone it. If someone contacted you via email without you having permitted them to email you with a link to our site, please contact us so we can put a stop to it right away. Thank you.

Minors; The offer to become an affiliate of Allied Entrepreneurs is unavailable to minors.

Affiliate Acceptance; At Allied Entrepreneurs, we reserve all rights, especially the right to accept or deny applications to become an affiliate. 

Temporary Acceptance; All this means is you can begin to promote Allied Entrepreneurs. However, we still have the right to choose if we accept you as an affiliate. Anyone who is accepted will be notified.

Affiliate Termination; The founders of Allied Entrepreneurs believe in 2nd chances. However, if an affiliate is enrolling minors or repeatedly sending SPAM emails, we would have no choice but to terminate them.

Policy Changes; We will never change our policy toward SPAM, Privacy, Minors and or Affiliate Acceptance. However, should any other policy change, as it may need to from time to time, we will notify you by email.