The 3 things that your competition are not going to learn through trial & error that will allow you to out compete them!

1) How you make the big money in small to medium sized businesses isn't the way you think!

The big money doesn’t come from selling mattresses and beds or from providing legal services. It doesn’t come from lawn maintenance or custom house building.

Sure, those things pay the bills, and if you work hard and save your money, you will have a good retirement. But you can only do so much work!

A delivery truck can usually only deliver one bed at a time. A custom house builder can only handle two homes at once without hiring a manager, and even then, they have to watch what that manager is doing. A lawyer can only write so many business contracts. An expert on a zero-turn lawn mower may cut lawns faster but can only cut one lawn at a time.

You get the point, there are limitations to all careers. And, yes, you can hire people, but they, too, are limited and can only do so much.  

So how do you change this? There are two answers to that; (A) most entrepreneurs don’t change this fact because there is no way to learn how to do something they would never think to try, and; (B) you have to separate in your mind what you do to pay the bills from where the serious money is earned.


2) Who else sells to or services your prospects?

The cost of acquiring customers through ads is high. And referrals are cheap.

The only problem with referrals is they only come one at a time from customers, right? Wrong!

More accurately, referrals do not need to come one at a time. In fact, you can receive endorsements from businesses, charities and social media icons that will flood your business with new prospects.

Once perfected, you can shave ad costs by 80% and generate new customers at will. And once you have a larger customer base, your own drip marketing and follow-up marketing campaigns will produce enough return for you to hire someone else to run than and still make more money!

To find out how to do this, download The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend for free below.



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3) You can make as much in 12 months as you did in the last 12 years! And this works in almost any industry,

When an entrepreneur who profits $100,000 a year is shown how to use their experience to easily earn $500,000 or a million dollars (or more) in a year plus the $100,000 from their existing business, they usually become speechless.

Imagine you had a small mattress and bed store and made $100,000. Then you met The Entrerpeneur’s Best Friend, who showed you a little-known secret, which allowed you to easily sell 2,200 courses for $500 each to people in your industry without giving up your existing business.

Suddenly your income would go from $100,000 to $1.2 million ($1.1 mil course sales and $100K from the store). Would that change your life?

In one year, you earned more than in the last 12 combined!

What would the course be about? Simple. How to triple your sales when your competition is struggling!

If you could suddenly jump your own store’s sales, you would be able to sell the concept of how you did it. And considering that inflation has hurt many industries, this story is more than just appealing.

Would your supplier or manufacturer endorse you if you proved to them that you could help others in your industry? 100%.

All you need to know about how to jump your sales locally you an learn from The Entrepreneur’s best Friend. The best part? The eBook is free with no upsell. Download it below.

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