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*Some Conditions Apply

This offer is free, with no payment or credit card required. And, as long as you understand the limitations and conditions of this offer and use the website correctly and promptly, it is yours. The terms and conditions of this offer are:

  1. We have a limited supply, so we can only offer one site per business or individual. It is first come, first served for up to 1,000 people.
  2. You (hereinafter; “client”) can use the site for an LLC or incorporated company, but your agreement with us, which will cost you nothing, is between you personally and Steven Peter Burke (hereinafter “supplier”).
  3. The client must not opt out of email notifications, or their hosting will be terminated. To clarify, after setting up the client’s site, which may require several emails, Allied Entrepreneurs will send the client no more than one email a week under normal circumstances.
  4. The site can only be used for a client’s business, be it one the client is starting or a business client has been operating before availing themselves of this offer. The client’s company could be a proprietorship, an online business and/or an incorporated business, such as an LLC.
  5. The client agrees that they have 60 days to create a website, and from the time the site is active, it must be continually maintained. Failure to comply with these terms will force the supplier to cancel hosting and return the Elementor Pro license to inventory so that it can be given to another client who will use it.
  6. Should the supplier be in a position where they are forced to return the Elementor Pro license to inventory (and the hosting is cancelled) due to offending the previous condition, the supplier will notify the client that they must comply with the terms herein and provide 14 days for the client to remedy the situation. 
  7. The client is responsible for buying (or already owning) a Website (Domain) name (URL). If the client uses the supplier to register a domain name, they will not need to do anything else. But if the client does not use Allied Entrepreneurs for registration, the client must transfer the site to our hosting (your URL must not be pointed at our server but hosted on it; and
  8. The client agrees that Steven Peter Burke and his staff will have ADMIN privileges (a WordPress user) on the client’s site and will set WordPress plugins on auto-update  (to protect against hackers), and the client agrees that they must not turn off this setting option. 
  9. The client will not use this site for hate, bullying, supremacy, racism, politics, fake news or any type of news agency, denial of climate change, investing, selling or education of cryptocurrency, porn, Spam (to or from the site), or illegal activities, including but not limited to cash gifting or Ponzi Schemes. Networking Marketing is allowed.
  10. The client understands that a WordPress website with Elementor Pro requires approximately 35 megs of storage space per installation, and; after the client adds content to that site, the overall storage must not exceed the limit of 200 megs of storage (including storage needed for WordPress installation). If the client uploads files and content that exceed that storage limit, the client will need to pay a fair market rate for the overage (storage includes the site, plugins, pictures, files, member’s data, E-commerce programs, etc.), which is at least $49/year (the more storage, the greater the cost).
  11. If the client intends to install an E-commerce program or a membership site, the grant that this can only be done if the supplier provides those plugins for free and the client pays $10 monthly for hosting (in advance) plus a fair market fee for storage over 200 megs, as it is required. This is because membership and eCommerce sites (on average) demand more hosting resources.
  12. Should the client break the terms and conditions or attempt to sidestep the limitation of only one site per individual or business, the client may face termination at the sole discretion of the supplier (Steven Peter Burke will make the final decision), and; if the supplier is forced to terminate the client’s hosting, the supplier is not obligated to provide time for the client to download files or JSONs (templates) and not responsible for the client’s losses, should the client incur any. Most violations would not be so drastic that immediate termination would occur. Thank you for understanding.
  13. If the client uses us as a registrar of your Domain (URL), and this agreement ends up being terminated, the client can transfer the Domain to another hosting service.
  14. This offer is for one calendar year from February 21st, 2023 when this offer was first announced. At the end of the year, on February 20th, 2024, all those who wish to renew will need to do so at fair market value. If you order your free website with Elementor Pro through any of the Get My Free Website landing pages, the renewal date could be less than a year — all renewals will be due on the same day.
  15. Renewal will always cost less than buying a hosted site from Elementor, which is currently $99 a year, including the Elementor Pro license ($49 on its own). The supplier cannot predict what hosting and Elementor Pro cost on the renewal date, but if the client were to pay for The Elementor Pro license and hosting with the supplier right now, it would be $49 per year (half the cost of buying direct!), well below market value.
  16. These terms and conditions may need to be changed in the future, and the client recognizes that they must accept any new terms and conditions that the supplier is forced to add or modify.

Other Free Website Terms and conditions are here. Don’t worry; they are not onerous!

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