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Allied Entrepreneurs

What do online influencers & businesses with lots of clients or customers have in common?

They both have underutilized assets.

Would an online influencer want more followers if they didn’t have to advertise or somehow pay to get them? It’s a no-brainer, right?

Would a business with many clients or customers want its services advertised for free? I would hope so.

Most successful entrepreneurs, be they new-school and strictly online or old-school, bricks-and-mortar, build their businesses using ads they pay for. And, though this will initially sound odd, a tiny percentage of entrepreneurs do not have to pay to advertise!

Our new book, written by Steven Peter Buke and called The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend, shows you why you do not have to pay for your own ads once you have a significant following or high number of clients/customers. And this option is elegant in every way.

Here is a straightforward example of how that works; send a one-time email to your clients, customers or followers endorsing our eBook, The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend. In that email, include an offer for them to download a free copy. In return, we will promote your business or social media account to an eventual total of 100,000 people who follow us, and we will do it multiple times.

Since we have a terrific connection with our following, your business will benefit from our endorsement. And that’s it.

No strings attached, just a straight-up offer that is in your favour.

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Collaborate with us

What do you offer that will help entrepreneurs? Because I am sure we have something you will want!

Here is a simple example; one of our business contacts has 380 entrepreneur members. This is a distinguished list of business owners.

This individual is an expert in barter. He runs a barter exchange and helps people set them up. 

Would this professional want to know people who would like a barter exchange in their area as a method of meeting other entrepreneurs and networking with them? 100%.

Might there be a few of these folks in the 100,000 people who will download The Entrepreneur’s Best friend? 100%.

If generating a download of one eBook from an ad costs $5 on average, and an endorsement by this barter exchange expert would get 300 downloads from 380 members, there would be an equivalent value of $1500 if that result came from an ad.

Why would the barter exchange pay $500 to advertise to the readers of The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend when he can exchange the service of endorsing the book to these entrepreneurs who know, like and trust him, and $1500 in value will come back?

In fact, Allied Entrepreneurs will mention this barter expert many times in the next two years of marketing the eBook to get 300 downloads right now in exchange. And that is a massive win for the barter expert.

Become a Marketing Partner

This option is for those who do not have a sizable list today, and it is bril (brilliant). In fact, if we did not have a list today or a product of great value to giveaway to get one, this is what we would do.

Imagine you can advertise once but have that ad work forever or at least for years!